Turkey Mozzarella Healthy Burger

Burgers are delicious, but at the same time, most people try to stay away from them because they see them as unhealthy. But, while a regular burger might be considered to be junk food, there are ways how anyone can make burgers that both taste good and are very nutritious and healthy. For those, only some special ingredients of burger need to be combined in the right way to get a fantastic result. In this category of dishes, turkey mozzarella burger is probably the best combination for a healthy meal. Here is how anyone can make it easily in their own home.

First of all, grounded white turkey meat should be combined with finely chopped onions and then treated with a bit of salt and pepper. Once the mesh is homogeneous, small scoops of it should be gently formed into thin oval plates by hand. The dimensions of the plates should be somewhat smaller than the bun in which they will go into. For one burger, two plates should be made. Once they are completed, a piece of mozzarella should be placed on top of one of the plates and then covered up with the other one. When the second plate is on top of the first one, the edges should be pinched together to form a tight seal. No other ingredients of burger are needed for this recipe.

With the burgers ready to be cooked, they should be placed in a hot frying pan, set at 165 degrees F, which was treated with some cooking oil spray. The burgers should be turned only once during the 10-minute cooking period (five minutes for each side). During this period, the mozzarella inside of the meat will melt a bit but still keep its place. Once the 10 minutes are up, the burger should be taken away from the heat and placed on a paper towel to soak up the unwanted fat. A minute or two later, they should be placed in a bun with a bit of tomato sauce and several slices of pickles. With this, the great turkey mozzarella burgers will be ready to be served.

With this recipe, anyone can make their own perfect healthy burger that will be enjoyed by all those who try it.

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